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At The Beach, we take our visitors privacy very seriously.  Today's internet is being smothered by Spyware, Malware, Scumware and other forms of Pestware.  The Beach will never use any of these malicious programs to make money from our visitors.  We do have advertisers on some of our pages, and these advertisers use cookies.  The reason they use cookies is so that if a visitor from our site goes and buys something from their site, The Beach can be paid for this.  This is how websites make money, think of it as commercials that you see when you watch t.v.

For information on opting out of online advertising, please visit the following sites:
Behavioral Ads
Google DART
Google Policy

The Beach strives to be a family friendly website and will never intentionally link to any site that is not family friendly.  If you see an ad on The Beach for any product that is not family friendly, even dating sites or gambling sites, most likely you have been infected with a Spyware, Scumware or other hijacker type pest.  These programs that can infect your computer actually hijack the ads on sites you visit and feed ads that are money makers for the creators of these pestware programs.  If you believe you have been infected, you should contact your local PC specialist or try one of the free software programs to clean your machine like SpyBot.

There are times on The Beach when you might be asked for your email address when submitting a form.  The Beach only uses these email addresses for the purposes we describe and does not ever sell, rent or give away any email addresses that we have collected.

The Beach does link to other sites, and while we try to be careful who we link to, we just want to point out that we have no control over other sites that we link to so be sure to check their privacy policies as well.

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